UNITED STATES: ‘ Cornel West Calls Obama the Black Face of the American Empire ‘

#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – October 07 – Activist and public intellectual Cornel West has lashed out at President Obama’s run as the United States’ top official, calling him the “Black face of the American empire.” He says Obama has marginalized social movements that criticize US policies.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, titled ‘Black Prophetic Fire,’ the controversial Union Theological Seminary professor claims that President Obama’s ascendancy represents a large shift of African-American leaders enmeshing themselves with the political establishment.

As a result, West argues that Obama’s presidency has made it harder for African-Americans to criticize US policies which continue to make their lives difficult.

“The unprecedented historical symbolism of the first Black president has misled many if not most Black people to downplay his substantial neo-liberal policies and elevate his [and his family’s] brilliant and charismatic presence,” West writes in the excerpt, which was published on-line by Salon.


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