INDIA: ‘ Battered by Cyclonic Storm HUDHUD in Port City of Visakhapatnam ‘

#AceWorldNews – INDIA – October 12 – Cyclonic storm Hudhud has hit India with speeds up to 195km per hour (over 120mph), leaving two people dead, while damaging everything in its wake – uprooting trees, battering buildings and so on.

Earlier a 150,000-person evacuation was under-way, as the port city of Visakhapatnam, home to two million people and a major naval base, received the full impact of Hudhud after the force had gathered up the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Two people, however, strayed from the safe areas – one of them was killed by a falling tree, the other by a wall.

Reuters spoke by phone to K. Hymavathi, the special commissioner for disaster management for Andhra Pradesh state, who said the Visakhapatnam situation is very serious.”


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