PAKISTAN: ‘ Sharif Assures Flood Victims Will Receive Second Half of Rehabilitation Funds While Hitting Out at Double Standards ‘

#AceNewsServices – PAKISTAN – October 15 – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday assured flood victims in Uch Sharif that they would be receiving the second half of rehabilitation funds on October 20, 2014.

' Pakistan Flood Victims Still Awaiting Aid '

‘ Pakistan Flood Victims Still Awaiting Aid ‘

“You have already received the first half of the funds, and you will receive the other Rs25,000 on October 20,” the premier said while addressing a mammoth crowd in the city.

“I have come here to help you, because it is my duty — it is not a favour to you. And I will not rest until flood victims have been rehabilitated,” he said.

Nawaz also hit out at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran without naming him.

“They [sit-in leaders] talk about the troubles of the poor, but they are sitting in their air-conditioned containers and palaces,” the prime minister said.

The premier also addressed the rigging allegations and those demanding his resignation at the sit-ins in Islamabad

“And as for the topic of asking for my resignation, 10 million people voted for me but about 30,000 people are asking for my resignation,” he said, while urging those asking for his ouster to gather “at least out a crowd that can the match the number of people who voted for me.”

“These people do not want Pakistan to move forward, they don’t want it to flourish,” the prime minister said.

I want to see development in Pakistan: Nawaz

“A solar power plant is being built in Bahawalpur which will not only provide electricity to this region, it will light up the whole of Punjab,” Nawaz said.

Further, he spoke about more positive development projects in Pakistan such as the construction of motorways, adding, “We are building a motorway which will go from Lahore to Karachi. And we will build one here which will connect to the Lahore-Karachi motorway.”

The premier also spoke about the construction of the Dasu hydro power project and Basha dam.

He proudly said the government is working on providing 9,000 MW of electricity through these power projects.