#AceNewsServices – NEPAL – October 24 – An overloaded bus plunged down a hill in central Nepal on Friday, killing at least 14 people including three foreigners, AFP reported.

' Kathmandu to Nepal Roads are Dangerous '

‘ Kathmandu to Nepal Roads are Dangerous ‘

Rescuers have reportedly taken more than 50 people to hospitals in and around Kathmandu.

The bus carried tourists and Nepalese people travelling for the Hindu festival of Tihar when it crashed in Nuwakot, a small hill town outside Kathmandu, police said.

They are also attempting to find a passenger list, but the holiday season usually sees bus drivers picking up travellers without registering them.

The bus was travelling from Jorayal in Doti district to Dhangadi, about 800km (500 miles) west of Kathmandu, when the accident occurred.

Local and wire reports said it veered off a hilly road and fell at least 200m (656ft) into a gorge.

' Roads in Nepal are the Most Dangerous in the World '

‘ Roads in Nepal are the Most Dangerous in the World ‘

In January 2013, the same number of people were killed in the same area when a bus driver lost control on the road amid foggy conditions.

Bad roads and reckless driving are among the leading causes of road accidents in Nepal, says BBC Nepal’s Surendra Phuyal.

In recent years, road accidents have claimed the lives of more than 1,500 people annually, says our correspondent.


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