#AceBreakingNews – WASHINGTON – Nov.24 – US President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, senior administration officials have said, a number of US news outlets reported.

The outgoing Defense chief stepped down under pressure following the Democrats massive mid-term losses and the national security team’s failure to keep ahead of a series of global crises, the New York Times reports, citing senior administration officials.

A senior defense official told the Associated Press that Hagel submitted his resignation letter to Obama on Monday morning and the president accepted it. The former senator from Nebraska agreed to remain in office until the Senate has confirmed his replacement.

The official added that both Hagel and Obama haddetermined that it was time for new leadership in the Pentagon” following weeks of discussion.

Hagel first assumed the position of Defense Secretary in 2013. Due to his previous opposition to the 2007 surge policy in Iraq and statements critical of the Israeli lobby in the United States, his confirmation was met with significant controversy. Following Monday’s announcement, Hagel will have served just longer than the 20 months his predecessor Leon Panetta held the position.

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