#AceNewsServices – FEATURED POST – Dec.03 – Imagine you are 38 years old with 10 years experience as a thick Security Officer and by your age you can no longer work, because you have become too expensive. You have been two years on welfare, and the government wants you too work for that money, so you must go and do community service. and clean dog shit in the park, imagine that people


With 10 years experience in the profession of security and there you are cleaning dog crap in the park, this is no way to remove the Dutch business community and the country out of the crisis, it is sick and in need of attention.

So I have come up with a solution I want to start a security company that works with volunteers on welfare. There are many people like me with tons of experience in security sitting at home or …… cleaning dog shit in the park. They want to volunteer and are still be able to do their work, they remain active in society, and can help younger people in security as a supervisor. Also to keep abreast of the industry in which they work in namely services and more easily find another job because let’s face it… if you were a boss looking for security personnel would you employ a man from the park that cleans up  dogs shit …..


Or someone who does all the work where you are going to use him for security!  

So if the government does not pull the country out of the gutter and the business market only gets worse …. then I’ll just do it myself.  

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