#AceNewsServices – Editors Post: INDONESIA:Jan.05: Just recently, the largest Muslim country in the world passed a law saying that Christians can no longer say Merry Christmas or wish anyone a Happy New Year.

In this video Theodore Shoebat provides us with an insight into what this really means to Christians and other faiths alike.

The controversy seems to exist between two sides of a very different coin: Firstly Nahdlatul Ulama and they argue for the right to say in greeting form Merry Christmas or even Happy Holiday’s. Whereas and on the other hand Islamic hardliners sighting the province of Banda Aceh the only one in which Sharia law is implemented. In which they say: ‘ A radical vision of faith is on the increase in other areas of Indonesia as is the intention to introduce legislation or regulations relating to customs derived from Islamic Law.

According to varying reports a number of shops were attacked and merchandise destroyed that depicted celebrations of this festive time, with a number of Muslims banned from wearing clothes or items related to Christian celebrations.

So as ACEH bans Christmas 2014 the question still remains how much longer will the celebration by Christians in any part of the world be allowed – where the majority of population is Muslim.

As this seems to slowly becoming the beginning and the end of Christian beliefs everywhere, and soon Sharia Law will become the only law in town.


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