#AceNewsServices – Featured Opinion: Feb.15: As people who know me l like to give both sides to any story, well this is one of those posts that will not be agreeable to some and others will just ignore its views. But l will treat every comment with complete fairness, providing it is not defamatory, or insulting of either the writer or their views. Be respectful and your comment will be posted. Thanks Ian Editor.

Before I start off, let me make it clear that this is a non apologetic piece. It comes at a time when Muslim Ummah across the world are struck with grief and anger over the blatant killing of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. And guess what, three innocent young lives ended abruptly and hardly any noise in the international media or the usual western hysteria.

This incident happened at a proportionally bad time for global Muslim community that face the consequences of the recent anti-Islam wave after Charlie Hedbo fiasco, German Pegida movement and release of Hollywood’s American Hero that drives home the message that it’s totally ok to kill Muslim women and kids, in fact its American war heroics at its best.

Don’t you wonder at the connection here? On one side there is multi grosser American Sniper, a Hollywood production and lest it be said that Hollywood has always suffered a Muslim problem. It glories a western white idiot – the hero who keeps shrugging whatever and takes pleasure in killing brown people because after all they are just savage Iraqis is the usual Hollywood overtly simplification when it comes to dealing with western war mongering in Muslim countries.

Since release, it became a mega grosser in North America, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia etc, no surprises considering their high Islamophobic trends. However, it serves as an evidence for “biases” depicted in western media’s portrayal of western soldiers as great men that go to kill the “suspicious Muslims” in their lands, for keeping world peace order intact. The under lining messages are always same, the prevailing Orientalism in Hollywood cinema and western media portraying ethnic Muslims and Arabs as a singular “Other” lacking humanity.

It’s quite all right when Muslims die, after all white western lives matter more and all such could be the inspiration behind Craig Stephen Hicks killing spree of innocent Muslims.

Clint Eastwood claims that it’s a hell of a thing to kill a man. Maybe some one needs to remind him that it’s also a hell of a thing being killed!

The silence of the international media, world leaders and western people on this incident is also very telling, no outrage, no condemnations, no irrational demands of apologies from the killer or the socio-religious group he hails from and no apparent or flamboyant sympathies either. However, it was only last month when virtual blogging space was full of #JeSuisCharlie supporters…literally every Tom, Dick and Harry posted stuff supporting free press and zero tolerance towards mocking of others beliefs.

It seemed WEST has ceded to a stand still, with im- or- moral world leaders marching in Paris for upholding the freedom of media.

There is no denying this happened because the offenders were Muslim, because after the Chapel Hill Shooting, CNN, BBC and other western medias’ didn’t find anything report-able about the death of three innocent Muslims. After all, it’s just bloody Muslims and they deserve to die, as I have been told on my face many times.

I also noticed some very telling tweets which I will share here.

This tweet called out the double standards while dealing with such incidents.


A non-Muslim twitter user was exasperated with core issue such as.


Another twitter user of western background analysed the cold-blooded murder of innocent Muslims in these words.


More ever, the late coverage of the incident was also bizarre and biased, this has been covered in a deserving explicit manner by a fellow blogger post #CHAPELHILLSHOOTING THANK YOU TWITTER. Usually western media frequently uses headline and breaking news with words like ‘act of terrorism’ describing a Muslim non white offender, this time again they made do with ‘hate crime’, of unstable mind frame.

The fact that believing or not believing in religion doesn’t allow killing of innocent people is universal. Only it seems this time, parking lot space, neighbor disputes issues are more importantly highlighted where as had the killer been a Muslim who killed three non-Muslim there was an apparent religious motivation and media was going ga ga along the lines of… west at threat due to muslim Invasion, Muslim terrorism and so on. Pun intended.

Morever, there would be a HIGH terror alert post incident, additionally numerous westerners would engage in social media and public protests in name of freedom of expression to dish out hate speech and toxicity towards Islam and Muslims in general.

It is heart breaking to note that hate has won and humanity has lost, once again today.

With this us versus them mentality, I don’t know how many more people will have to die when the world finally wakes up to the truth that we are humans first and then Muslim, Christian, Atheist or whatever. Allow me as a human and as a Muslim to honor these three beautiful persons, indeed “Barakat, Yusor Abu Salha and Razan Abu Salha have returned to Allah.”

In their abrupt departure, they have left us a legacy to understand something very simple and over-looked. Human Lives Matter, Human Lives Matter.


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