#AceNewsServices – Featured Update:WASHINGTON: Feb.26: Senate leaders moved toward a deal Wednesday to avoid a shutdown of the Homeland Security Department, sidestepping a fight over immigration policy, as President Obama declared his administration would curtail deportations of immigrants in the country illegally despite losing a court fight on the issue this month LA Times reported.

Money for the Homeland Security Department has been tied up for weeks as congressional conservatives sought to block the department’s budget unless Democrats agreed to a measure repealing Obama’s executive actions on deportation.

Funds for the department, which oversees immigration and border security, among other duties, will run out Friday night unless lawmakers act. Administration officials say that would force some department employees off the job, while about 85% of the department’s more than 200,000 “front-line” employees would have to work without pay.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) faces a tough decision on whether to bring legislation to fund the Homeland Security Department but not overturn President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The Hill is asking House Republicans if they’d support a clean funding bill.

He has been anxious to avoid even a temporary shutdown of the department, fearing the political risk. On Tuesday, he offered to move ahead with a no-strings-attached bill to provide funds, and on Wednesday, Senate Democrats agreed not to block his plan.

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