#BREAKING USA: ‘ Transportation Dept says Roughly 34-Million Vehicles have Defective Takata Air Bags ‘

#AceBreakingNews – USA:May.19: The Transportation Department announced Tuesday that the Japanese maker of automotive air bags is nearly doubling the size of its recall, setting up what amounts to one of the largest recalls in U.S. history.

The announcement represents a culmination to a growing swell of recalls around air bags made by Japan’s Takata, one of the auto industry’s main supplier. Even before the announcement Tuesday, 10 automakers had announced individual recalls around the air bags in the U.S. Takata entered into a consent decree with the government.

The air bags are being recalled because they can spew plastic or metal shrapnel when they deploy in an accident. Six deaths are blamed on faulty Takata bags, five in the USA and one in Malaysia. All involved Hondas.

In the U.S., not all of the recalls have been nationwide up until now. For instance, Toyota’s recall covered states with humid climates where air bag malfunctions are considered a big risk.

They have included Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii and some American territories.

Analysts say the announcement amounts to a major event in the long-running concern over Takata air bags.