#BREAKING IRAN: ‘ Washington Post reporter goes on trial accused of Espionage in Tehran ‘

Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian went on trial on espionage charges behind closed doors in Iran on Tuesday, Reuters and AP reported.

The newspaper’s Tehran bureau chief, an Iranian-American, was detained in his home in July and taken to Tehran’s Evin prison.

“He has been charged with espionage for collecting confidential information… and handing it to hostile governments,”
his lawyer, Leila Ahsan, told the Tasnim news agency.

TEHRAN, Iran – The trial of a Washington Post reporter detained in Iran for months will begin next week, a defense lawyer said Tuesday Fox News reported.

State TV and other news outlets quoted an unnamed judiciary official as saying the first session of the trial of Jason Rezaian will be held next Tuesday. The official did not say whether the hearing would be open to the public.

It said two other suspects who were detained alongside Rezaian will also be tried.

Rezaian’s defense lawyer, Leila Ahsan, confirmed the report. She told The Associated Press that she learned of the hearing from news outlets but confirmed the news with the court.

Ahsan said Rezaian will go on trial alongside his wife Yeganeh Salehi, who is a reporter for The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, and a freelance photographer who worked for foreign media.Iranian officials have previously said Rezaian will stand trial in a Revolutionary Court, which mainly hears sensitive cases in closed sessions.

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