IRAQ: ‘ Over 470 bodies exhumed in Tikrit believed to have been executed by Islamic State ‘

Featured Report:Iraq has exhumed the remains of 470 people believed to have been executed by jihadists near Tikrit last year in what is called the Speicher massacre, the health minister said on Thursday.

Armed men belonging or allied to the so-called Islamic State abducted hundreds of young, mostly Shiite recruits from Speicher military base, just outside the city of Tikrit in June 2014.

They were executed one by one, as shown in pictures and footage that has emerged since, AFP reported.

In June 2014, ISIS militants overran and abducted hundreds of mostly Shi’ite male recruits at the Speicher military base, located on the outskirts of Tikrit JP reported.

Pictures and footage which have emerged since the time of the incident depict the Shi’ite youths being executed one by one in various locations.

Some estimates put the total of those killed in Tikrit at 17,000, accounting for similar mass executions that have taken place throughout the city in what some have called one of the worst atrocities ever committed by the Islamic State.

“These bodies come from four burial sites… One of them was bigger than the others and contained 400,” said Ziad Ali Abbas, the chief doctor at Baghdad’s main morgue, AFP added.

Hundreds of families whose fathers, brothers and sons went missing since the ISIS-led offensive into Iraq are waiting to hear the results of preliminary forensic examinations designed to identify the remains of loved ones, conducted by local authorities and the Red Cross.

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