The State of Alabama Just Officially Sent This Document to Barack Obama in Historic Move

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BREAKING:The State of Alabama Just Officially Sent This Document to Barack Obama in Historic Move

The momentum is building for a historic Convention of the States to stop President Barack Obama from causing more fiscal and political harm to the United States.

Approximately three months ago, Conservative Tribune reported that the state of Arkansas had passed a resolution calling for such a convention. Since then the number of states showing interest in such a convention has grown.

More than half the states have filed a Convention of States application as of this year. Now Alabama is the fourth state, along with Alaska, Florida and Georgia, to complete the application.

State legislatures have had enough of Obama and a federal government that has become too big, too intrusive and too corrupt.

Therefore, following the steps outlined in Article V of the Constitution, Alabama lawmakers have called for a convention that ultimately could produce a constitutional amendment to reign in the federal government. The amendment, once ratified by three-quarters of the states, would become a permanent part of the Constitution.

Friday, June 12th, 2015

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