MOSCOW: ‘ Lavrov believes US-plan to carry-out airstrikes would be counter-productive – following his meeting in Qatar ‘

#AceNewsReport – Post Update:Aug.04: Moscow believes that US plans to carry out military strikes targeting Syrian government forces are counterproductive in fighting terrorism in the region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday during a visit to Qatar.

“As for the latest developments [concerning the actions of the US-led coalition against the terrorist group Islamic State], we posed a question to [US Secretary of State John] Kerry,” he said. “We think it counterproductive to publicly announce that aviation will deliver air strikes to protect groups of the so-called moderate opposition. Such plans raise many questions. [These actions] will hamper anti-terrorist efforts.
On Sunday US officials said that Washington had decided to allow air strikes to defend US-trained Syrian rebels from any attacks, including those made by the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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