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My war was that of counter-insurgency in Vietnam….in other words we were there as a blocking force against the North Vietnamese tactic of insurgency.  You see the USSR was using the NVA as a proxy to spread communism to Southeast Asia….hence the Domino Theory….if one country fell to communism then others would topple like dominoes…..

Our tactics were defensive, not offensive….and it has been the same ever since….we react instead of acting…..it was so in Central America, Southeast Asia and now the Middle East.

When ISIS reared its ugly face we were already fighting a defensive war in Afghanistan…..we tried to take the initiative in Iraq but then we settled into a defensive posture and from there we have fought ever since.

I have called for a new strategy for the war against ISIS….this one is not working properly or even slightly successfully.  The US has now taken up a defensive footing against ISIS….not to win but to block and degrade with airstrikes and the like……but is that the best strategy for Syria?  Or does it need to be rethought?


I understand the past need for a counter-insurgency force….but those days are gone……we need to look beyond the control and degrade tactic and look for a winning strategy…..if not then these are generational wars….possible multi-generational wars……

An in-depth report was made by the Center for Strategic and International Studies that covers the idea of change in battle plans…..to re-think the US strategy that is NOT working…..


This situation with ISIS is going to be a long drawn out affair……and a tactic from the 20th century may not be the best of all possible techniques……time to sit down and draw a new battle plan….but is that possible?  I mean since all wars are controlled by corporations and their search for more profit….will there be a new strategy or just a tweak of the one we have now?

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