ZAMBIA: ‘ Hero-worship creates dictators, says Mambo ‘

#AceNewsReport – Oct.16: Leaders must subject themselves to periodic elections and political party supporters must stop worshiping politicians because it creates dictators who will not accept defeat in an election, says Bishop John Mambo.

Bishop Mambo, the Chikondi Foundation president, said democracy called for political parties to elect leaders through popular processes such as conventions but the emerging spirit where members seemingly treated politicians as semi-gods was dangerous to the governance of the country.

He said it was saddening that Zambians were drifting away from the essence of democracy by choosing undemocratic means to keep their leaders in power.

“We have certain political parties who have never gone to the convention to elect their leaders. That is why this issue of recycled politicians is coming into play. How do you have leaders of political parties who are personal-to-holder of their political parties?”

Bishop Mambo challenged political party leaders throughout the country to check themselves in the manner they promoted democracy in their own political parties as it would be a great commitment to the governance of the nation.

He said it was unfortunate that some political leaders have taken Zambians for granted, thinking that they were gods to worship and without them their political parties would go into extinction.

Bishop Mambo said there should be a lot of changes in those who will be seeking leadership positions next year.

“We should not allow people who are imposed on us, the power lies with the people and whoever will be imposed, refuse them by voting for people who were democratically adopted, not these people who are imposed on you,” he said.

He said next year’s election would be a defining moment for many political organisations, adding that those that depended on individuals face extinction if their leaders failed to win the presidential election.

“I am seeing some parties becoming stronger than others, some will disintegrate because of struggle for power. So it is only fair and important for our friends in politics to take that route now,” he said.

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