BRITAIN: ‘ How bad is meat for me? Frankly, the experts don’t know ‘

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This article from the Guardian may help to clarify the points or not dependent on your view: The cancer threat of red and processed meat is high enough to warrant a WHO warning. But a ham sandwich still isn’t as risky as a 20-a-day smoking habit

It may well be parents, who have made ham sandwiches for their children’s lunch forever and brought them home to sausages and mash, who will worry most about the latest cancer warning from the World Health Organisation. Cured and processed meats are now officially classified as a cause of cancer, alongside cigarettes and plutonium. Red meat is officially a probable cause of cancer.

It’s a scary message, made worse by the WHO’s candid admissions about the things its experts don’t know. Why should processed meat cause cancer? Frankly, the scientists cannot tell us.

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