#STUDY Eleven countries with significant #Muslim populations, including #Lebanon, #Jordan, #Indonesia and #Turkey, have negative views of #ISIS, according to a recent – Pew Research


#AceNewsReport – Dec.08: The one exception was Pakistan, where a majority — 62 percent — had no opinion about the terror group. Still, 28 percent said they had an unfavorable view of ISIS, and just nine percent said they had a favorable view.

In no country surveyed did more than 15 percent of the population show favorable attitudes toward Islamic State. And in those countries with mixed religious and ethnic populations, negative views of ISIS cut across these lines,” said the study, released after Paris terror attacks.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Monday called for a “complete” shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S. as a national security measure until U.S. leaders “can figure out what is going on.” Trump’s proposal includes tourists and Muslims entering the U.S. on visas and comes after last week’s rampage in San Bernardino, carried out by a Muslim couple who authorities believe had been radicalized into following an extreme form of Islam.

Photo Credit: AP

Original Article: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news

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