#Brittius says Lets start connecting the dots … First Virginia, then New Jersey next Minnesota and then New York City so what does the picture start to look like when all the dots are connected transparent or cloudy – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Sept.18: After Saturday’s and Sunday’s attacks and #Bombings #Brittius has put this News and Views post together to give our readers on both dudes of the pond an overview of what is not reported more and more in the media

#Brittius says Let’s start connecting some dots First this link
Virginia #explosion in Charlottesville http://breaking911.com/charlottesville-fd-investigating-explosion-on-downtown-mall/ Then the New Jersey explosion at the 5 km marathon for USMC/USN:
https://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/new-jersey-police-say-no-suspects-arrested-in-connection-to-trash-can-explosion-in-seaside-park-after-thousands-of-people-were-set-to-take-part-in-the-5k-race-which-has-since-been-canceled-and Then Minnesota stabbing incident: https://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2016/09/18/minnesota-man-dressed-as-a-security-guard-has-wounded-eight-people-in-a-knife-attack-at-a-mall-on-saturday-night-he-is-purported-to-have-asked-at-least-one-victim-whether-they-were-muslim-and-referen Then the NYC explosion: https://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2016/09/18/new-york-city-an-explosion-rocked-the-chelsea-neighbourhood-of-manhattan-on-saturday-night-injuring-at-least-29-people-police-found-a-pressure-cooker-nearby-connected-to-a-cell-phone-with-wires Isolated incidents or a Fifth Column? In traffic congested areas, taxis and black livery cars are invisible. Mass transit needs to tighten up security because if, a Fifth Column, they will look where people congregate, such as passenger terminals. Airports too, need to tighten up their security.

Then, targets of high infrastructure value, the bridges. Maybe a tunnel. Rush hours. Shopping malls.

This is September, and an increase of incidents would harm the economy if incidents became protracted into the Holiday Season.

What is the answer? Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground. That, is, the answer. Unified as one law, and made the Law-of-the-Land.

An interesting tidbit. I always pore the help wanted pages because I could use a job to help ease the mortgage and high tax burden. Two weeks ago, the United Nations in NYC placed an ad for Temporary Police Officer. They have no authority in New York streets. Usually, a retired cop with pistol permit is hired. Only yesterday, the US Coast Guard, has been placed at permanent station until further notice, in the East River, at the UN Headquarters. Then, all of the terror incidents took place. Credible

Threats, or the swami’s crystal ball? Coincidence? Or did the NYPD Intelligence Division, give some kind of Heads Up? The UN, I thought maybe, because on October 1st, the Internet will be given to the UN, and it could bring hostile people to the UN building or attack foreign representatives.

Possible. But then, all the terror incidents and now I am thinking, orchestration

Now, Fifth Columns and Lone Wolf actors, will need to be on the radar and checked until, there are so many and from numerous sources that investigation becomes swamped. Then what? Police are reactionary, after the fact.

Where do that leave us? In a false sense of security, established by elected officials on the basis of, wishful thinking.

After events, it is common for numerous persons and groups to claim responsibility for the media flash and hype.#Daesh has claims responsibility for Minnesota … https://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2016/09/18/minnesota-islamic-state-linked-media-claims-mall-stabber-was-soldier-of-the-islamic-state-and-carried-out-stabbings-in-response-to-calls-to-target-the-citizens-of-countries-belonging-to-the-crusader
In court, very few will stand and say it again, risking long prison terms.

About 90% of all, deny affiliation to anything, once they are placed on trial. If there is any connection, then the Islamic community must, for their own wellbeing, renounce the violent actors, because very rarely will a person do something, where they have not said something to anyone.

Failure to speak up, only places the entire community under suspicions.

How does that play out? I am of Sicilian heritage, the very best of doors have always been slammed in my face, to this very day. Capiche?

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