#AceSecurityNews – Full Report: #DDoS Third attack hit last night with everyone blaming everyone a security firm and a writer have said it is most likely linked to ‘ Internet of All Things (IOT) where all devices are linked together of course the simple answer is DON’T LINK ALL YOUR DEVICES TOGETHER – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Oct.22: This is an update on Fridays #DDoS Attacks that took down major sites on both social and news media sites that seems to be linked but not proven to ‘ The Internet of All Things ‘ or #IOT as Dyn says #DDoS attacks are coming from millions of IP address at the same time and one source appears to be Internet-connected devices – CNBC

Dyn reports incident has been resolved‘ after 3rd denial of service attack reported nearly 2 hours ago
Dyn says 1st #DDoS attack targeted DNS infrastructure in the US-East region, 2nd attack was ‘distributed in a more global fashion‘; more in-depth analysis expected at later date – statement

Brian Krebs, who covers security news, says distributed denial of service attacks have increased “thanks largely to the broad availability of tools for compromising and leveraging the collective firepower of so-called Internet of Things devices.” Krebs notes that today’s attacks on Dyn – which impacted Twitter, Spotify, Reddit and others – came just hours after a company researcher presented a talk in Dallas on #DDoS attacks. Krebs himself was hit by a major DDoS attack last month that was so large it caused Akamai to kick his blog off their network due to approximately 665 Gigabits of traffic per second

Flashpoint Researchers: Security intelligence firm Flashpoint’s researchers report they have observed a Mirai botnet attacking Dyn. Forbes reports this botnet consists of thousands of Internet-connected devices such as DVRs and cameras, which are vulnerable to simple hacks. Dyn told CNBC that the “Internet of Things” devices are one source of the ongoing attacks, which have been occurring for about nine hours. http://bit.ly/2eoVwCt

In a tweet, WikiLeaks urged supporters to “stop taking down the US internet,” saying Julian Assange is still alive and the organization is still publishing.
#WikiLeaks has been publishing emails connected to Hillary Clinton campaign, and U.S. officials believe Russia is tied to the hack. Officials have not said who is responsible for Friday’s attacks on Dyn’s DNS infrastructure, which is causing widespread disruption. However, an intelligence official told NBC News it is unlikely these are state sponsored attacks. http://bit.ly/2ep4hwd

Our previous report on attacks #DDOS Report: Domain name servers host Dyn suffering distributed denial-of-service attack, causing outages to several websites – Business Insider reported earlier and since its says services resumed at 09.20:AM ET – @AceNewsServices
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