#AceBrexitNews – Today the REMAIN camp won a very small but anticipated BATTLE but only on the one section of Article 50 the WAR has still to be WON on the CONSTITUTION – @AceNewsServices

Editors New and Views on #Brexit after today’s news in high court over Article 50

#AceNewsReport – Nov.02: This is an updated report on today’s news that government cannot trigger Article 50 without parliament approval… REALLY .. Straight away the government announces that UK Supreme Court sets aside Dec. 5-8 for Brexit appeal hearing, government lawyer says – Reuters almost like they knew … Of course they did it was discussed weeks ago and they knew content of court case before it was heard … It was just the verdict .. They MAY or MAY NOT of known .. But provisions in place and a few seconds later this was news ….
The Bank of England has raised its growth and inflation forecasts for 2017 and kept interest rates on hold at 0.25%.

Followed by this it now expects the economy to expand by 1.4% next year, with inflation set to surge to 2.7% – nearly triple its previous prediction.

Then just like that they announce revisions mean the Bank has changed its mind about when the UK economy will feel the impact of June’s #Brexit vote.

Get the picture … but here’s the rub … Inflation rises and so do goods thus profits rise and so dies the GDP and the economy will improve … Carney must have a crystal ball .. Or it was ALL manipulated behind closed doors

More soon …. Just a small ps the act of joining the EU was joining a constitution … Not a parliamentary law .., that’s a clue to why REALLY !!! So can this all be wrong and the will of the people
Poll by @SkyData suggests 48% of people think Theresa May should have power to trigger formal EU exit process without approval of Parliament

UEIEADT0_normal.png Sky News Newsdesk (@SkyNewsBreak)
03/11/2016, 18:02
Poll by @SkyData suggests 48% of people think Theresa May should have power to trigger formal EU exit process without approval of Parliament

Ace Related News: #AceBrexitNews BRITAIN: High Court says UK government can’t trigger Article 50 EU exit clause without Parliament backing; appeal expected as those that bleat try to destroy democracy but they need to read the small print of the agreement – @AceNewsServices

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