#Chuq Says Can Trump Make It For 4 Years?

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#Chuq says the protests that are going on are just a silly show of ignorance…..they are pissed as I guess they should….but what are they pissed about?

Anyway there are many people that are hoping something will happen to prevent Trump from finishing his term as prez……

I posted back before the election that a professor had predicted Trump would win the election and sadly not many paid attention to his prediction…..there are a couple of people that predicted this very outcome of the election that are predicting what will happen during Trump’s 4 years at the helm……

There weren’t that many people who predicted a Donald Trump presidency—and two out of that small number also predicted Trump wouldn’t serve a full term.

  • Allan Lichtman, the Washington, DC-based professor who uses a series of 13 true/false questions to predict the outcome of presidential elections, told the Washington Post in September that he believed a Republican Congress would prefer Mike Pence as president, and would impeach Trump and remove him from office in order to get that result. “I’m quite certain Trump will give someone grounds for impeachment, either by doing something that endangers national security or because it helps his pocketbook,” he said. However, he noted that prediction was “not based on a system; it’s just my gut.” (Disclaimer: Lichtman’s system actually predicts the winner of the popular vote, which Trump did not get.)

Filmmaker Michael Moore also predicted a Trump presidency, then admonished supposedly “shocked” Democrats that they just hadn’t been paying attention. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday, Moore said he doesn’t think Trump will serve a full four years in office, The Week reports. “He has no ideology, except the ideology of Donald J. Trump, and when you have a narcissist like that who is so narcissistic where it’s all about him, he will—maybe unintentionally—break laws,” Moore said. “He will break laws because he’s only thinking about what’s best for him.” He indicated Trump will either be impeached as a result of law-breaking, or will resign.

These are interesting predictions….I can say that it may be possible…..Trump has offered up 3 of his kids and a son-in-law for his administration….that alone smacks of nepotism and smells of something that may not be what we call kosher….

So far he has started sounding like a person that wants to unify the country….his campaign did not make that same sound….so what is the REAL Pres. Trump saying?

Personally I hope he makes at least 4 years….for I cannot think of anything worse than a Pres. Pence…..a little rabid theocrat waiting to pounce.

Trump needs to keep an eye on his VP….he is as trustworthy as a rattlesnake in heat.

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