JEDDAH: The Special Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced a Saudi man on Sunday to 15 years in prison for helping a number of terror suspects – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Nov.22: The defendant was found guilty of assisting other perpetrators in hiding a stolen car which had been used by his terrorist brother for killing a Saudi officer.

The court said the man did not report the crime committed by his brother to police, and he funded terrorist acts by handing over SR9,000 to someone at the request of his brother to buy a machine gun, a sniper rifle and pistols.

He was also convicted of purchasing several belts used for carrying machine guns and binoculars at the request of his brother, for monitoring and killing security men, as well as randomly shooting at unfamiliar cars.

He was found guilty of covering up for his brother and two other people while hiding weapons and ammunition inside their house.

Other charges include acting on his brother’s directives to monitor the entrances of Awamiyya town and to inform him about any suspicious cars or security patrols.

He also attended the funerals of a number of terrorists who were killed during confrontations with police. He also took part in a number of violent demonstrations in Qatif Province where gatherers chanted anti-state slogans.

The court handed him a 15-year prison sentence starting from the date of his arrest, and has forbidden him from traveling abroad for a similar period of time after serving his prison term.

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