#Brittius says what we read is that somebody simply walks into a government building posing as a navy officer and uses a ruse, and NO ONE QUESTIONS HIS ID, I do hope they are arrested and charged with treason – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Dec.02: This is the News and Views from #Brittius on this post published on Thursday WASHINGTON: Counterintelligence agents from the #FBI and Pentagon are pursuing a suspected foreign agent posing as a Navy officer who offered fraudulent contracts to defense contractors in a bid to obtain sensitive and embargoed American technology – @AceNewsServices
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#Brittius says first news concerning the incident, that I have heard. What I do not understand is that nobody scrutinised identification? No calls to verify who the person was?

To this day, for instance, if I go to any official location, whether they know my face or not, I present my drivers license to them to examine and verify if they like.

So what we read is that somebody simply walks in, and uses a ruse. I do hope they are arrested and charged with treason.

The whole thing is unthinkable. How many others are trying to obtain classified information in the same manner, that nobody knows of or the government is not being forced to divulge? Somebody, had to have had, some conversation, or lunch, or a few drinks, or went to a ball game, something, that will lead investigators to the individual(s).

Then there are the known, who must be surveilled, or covered, but we never hear of any of that.

Then there are blackmail and extortion hazards, where a worker not government employee, could be compromised, to hand over or otherwise divulge classified data and such.

The bigger corporations become, the greedier the upper echelon becomes and will cooperate with anyone claiming to be official, for the sake of power.

Very dangerous. What of other allied nations? It’s a virtual minefield to navigate through.

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