ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump said on Thursday that “something should happen” with Bashar al-Assad after a poison gas attack in Syria, as the Pentagon and the White House launched detailed discussions on military options – @AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Apr.06: Donald Trump described the chemical attack in Syria as a ‘disgrace to humanity’, saying that ‘something should happen – #AceNewsDesk

Reuters reports that Trump steps up Syria rhetoric, says ‘something should happen’ with Assad
RT reported their is ‘No role for Assad’: Tillerson’s U-turn on Syria regime change

The Trump administration has reversed course on Syria again, blaming President Bashar Assad for the alleged chemical attack in Idlib province and declaring he has no future leading Syria – just days after publicly abandoning the policy of regime change.

He is reportedly considering unilateral military action against Bashar al-Assad, who he blames for the carnage.

Scores of people including twin babies died after what appeared to be an attack with sarin gas launched from the air.

I think what Assad did is terrible,’ Trump told reporters traveling with him on Air Force One en route to Florida today.

‘I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity and he’s there, and I guess he’s running things, so something should happen.’

Washington has blamed the Syrian government, although Russia claimed the chemicals belonged to rebels.

The official said options being considered included grounding aircraft used by Assad’s forces.

They might also use cruise missiles, allowing the United States to strike targets without putting piloted aircraft in the skies above Syria.

Targets could be military airfields, air defenses and other Syrian military installations.

The official played down the idea that Russian military infrastructure might be a target.

The official did not comment on how likely military action might be or suggest which, if any, options might be recommended by the Pentagon.

Trump’s accusations against Assad put him directly at odds with Moscow, the Syrian president’s principal backer.

Any US action against Syria’s government would open a new front in Syria’s fighting, with consequences that are difficult to foresee, potentially drawing in Russia which backs the regime.

There are already around 1,000 American troops in Syria, but they have been fighting so-called Islamic State, not Assad’s government.

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