(VELES, Macedonia.) In a small town where pottery was their main source of income CNN reported recently that on a scale that is now industrial they churn out ‘ Fake News ‘ to American media sites that on every click on sites like Googles Adsense earned one man a fortune #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Nov.21: Editor says even though this person knew it was lies he still printed on his site & on Facebook and made money from companies like Adsense including misleading facts on 2016 Election ……CNN reported that The Fake News Machine: Inside a Town Gearing Up for 2020: In a town in Macedonia, which back in the day was known to make porcelain for the whole of Yugoslavia now according to CNN makes ‘ Fake News ‘ not bad for news organisation that reports misleading facts regularly, the site has since been shutdown, but how many more exist ? The #Truth will set you free #AceNewsDesk reports

Video Courtesy of Wired 

CNN Published on September 13, 2017 at 06:50AM: From the report: They have a story on Veles and has become home to dozens of website operators who churn out bogus stories designed to attract the attention of Americans……Each click adds cash to their bank accounts………..Over 100 websites were tracked here during the final weeks of the 2016 U.S. election campaign, producing fake news that mostly favoured Republican candidate for President Donald Trump…………One of the shadowy industry’s pioneers is a soft-spoken law school dropout……Worried that his online accounts could be shut down, the 24-year-old asked to be known only as Mikhail……He takes on a different persona at night, prowling the internet as “Jesica,” an American who frequently posts pro-Trump memes on Facebook. The website and Facebook page that “Jesica” runs caters to conservative readers in the U.S. The stories are political — and often wrong on the facts. But that doesn’t concern Mikhail. “I don’t care, because the people are reading,” he said. “At 22, I was earning more than someone [in Macedonia] will ever learn in his entire life.” He claims to have earned up to $2,500 a day from advertising on his website, while the average monthly income in Macedonia is just $426………The profits come primarily from ad services such as Google’s AdSense, which place targeted advertisements around the web……….Each click sends a little bit of cash back to the content creator………..Mikhail says he has used his profits to buy a house and put his younger sister through school. […] That site was blocked a few months ago after Facebook and Google started cracking down on fake news sites………Mikhail is now retooling his operation, with his sights set firmly on the 2020 presidential election #AceNewsDesk reports are provided by Sterling Publishing & Media News

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