(BERLIN, Germany.) A local leader of the far-right AfD was attacked and seriously wounded by several unident ified hooded men in the northwestern city of Bremen in an assault that drew condemnation Tuesday from some o f the party’s fiercest opponents #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Jan.08: This is likely the work of Leftists who believe that any opposition to mass Muslim migration into Europe is “bigoted” and “racist” and “Islamophobic.” This incendiary rhetoric was inevitably going to boil over into violence. As the Left grows increasingly thuggish and intolerant of dissent, this is the result. Note the way the establishment media covers the story: Magnitz is characterised as “far-right” in every publication, which is a semaphore meaning “Don’t have sympathy for him or endorse his cause.” And Cem Özdemir of the Green party can’t even refrain on this occasion from defaming the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Magnitz’s party: “Even towards the AfD there is no justification for violence………..Whoever fights hatred with hatred ultimately allows hatred to win: He, and the establishment media organs reporting on this, takes for granted that it is “hatred” to oppose mass Muslim migration, despite the fact that jihadis have entered Europe among the “refugees,” and that Sharia supremacists are causing strife all over Europe: The implication is just the opposite of his stated words: there is a sly suggestion that violence against people such as the “far-right,” “hateful” Magnitz is indeed justified: That’s the lesson that the establishment media wants you to take away from this episode #AceNewsDesk reports

“Far-right politician beaten within an inch of his life in Germany,” Associated Press, January 8, 2019:

BERLIN — A local leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany was attacked and seriously wounded by several men in the northwestern city of Bremen, an assault that drew condemnation Tuesday from some of the party’s fiercest opponents.

Bremen police said they believe the attack on Frank Magnitz, a lawmaker in Germany’s national parliament who leads the party’s local branch, was politically motivated….

Magnitz was beaten over the head with an unidentified object by at least three men wearing dark clothing and hoods or hats, who then fled, police said. Two workers who were loading a car nearby found him lying on the ground and called an ambulance. The 66-year-old was hospitalised.

The party, known by its German acronym AfD, said earlier Tuesday that Magnitz was ambushed after he left a local newspaper’s new year’s reception, beaten unconscious with a piece of wood and then kicked in the head as he lay on the ground….

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, a center-left politician who has been a strong critic of AfD, tweeted that “violence must never be a means of political confrontation — no matter against whom or what the motives are.”

“There is no justification for this,” he said, calling for those responsible to be punished.

That was echoed by other politicians from established parties, including prominent Green party politician Cem Ozdemir, who said that AfD must be countered by legal means, not violence. “Anyone who fights hatred with hatred always lets hatred win in the end,” he wrote on Twitter….

“The cowardly and life-threatening attack against Frank Magnitz is the result of constant agitation against us by politicians and media,” party co-leaders Alexander Gauland and Joerg Meuthen said in a statement….

“German far-right MP injured in ‘politically motivated’ attack,” by Kate Connolly, Guardian, January 8, 2019:

A leading politician from Germany’s far-right Alternative für Deutschland party has been seriously injured by masked assailants who beat him unconscious on a street in Bremen in what police have described as a politically motivated attack.

Frank Magnitz, 66, leader of the AfD in the northern German city, was almost beaten to death, according to the party’s federal chairman, Jörg Meuthen, who tweeted a graphic photograph of the unconscious MP with what appeared to be a deep gash to the head.

Alexander Gauland, an AfD co-leader, condemned the attack which took place on Monday evening, as a “cowardly bloody deed”. Alice Weidel, the party’s leader in the German parliament, blamed the media and politicians from the traditional parties for stoking hatred towards the AfD “on a daily basis”.

Police are looking for three people suspected of having carried out the attack and have appealed for witnesses. They said they had little doubt the attack was politically motivated….

The German foreign minister, Heiko Maas, of the Social Democrats, twet: “Violence should never be a means for political disputes – totally regardless against whom or what the motives for it are. Whoever carries out such a crime has to be punished accordingly.”

Cem Özdemir of the Green party tweeted that he hoped the perpetrators would soon be caught and tried. “Even towards the AfD there is no justification for violence,” he wrote. “Whoever fights hatred with hatred ultimately allows hatred to win.”

According to police, Magnitz was on his way home from a new year’s reception at a regional newspaper when he was attacked. He was reportedly knocked to the ground and beaten unconscious with what is believed to have been a wooden object, before being kicked in the head….

Faced with accusations of racism, he responded last September by saying his wife was of Turkish origin and his researcher a German-Cuban, and that he was open-minded. “In my world, being cosmopolitain does not preclude a love of one’s homeland and patriotism,” he wrote.

Magnitz has said he was a former voter of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union who turned to the AfD after rejecting her views on immigration.

He has always been a vocal critic of the euro, opposition on which the AfD was first founded in 2013 before it revamped itself as an anti-immigration party that pledged to shake up Germany’s consensus system of government.

“Frank Magnitz: Far-right AfD politician badly beaten up in ‘politically-motivated attack’ in Germany,” by Peter Stubley, Independent, January 8, 2019:

A far-right German MP was left seriously injured in hospital after being beaten unconscious in a “politically motivated attack”.

Frank Magnitz, state chairman for the AfD (Alternative fur Deutchland) party, was ambushed as he left a New Year’s reception in the centre of Bremen on Monday evening.

His party issued a graphic photograph of his head injuries and released a statement describing the incident as an “assassination attempt” and “a black day for democracy in Germany.”

The AfD described how Mr Magnitz, 66, was attacked by three masked men armed with a piece of wood before kicking his head as he lay on the ground in front of the Theater am Goetheplatz….

Foreign minister Heiko Maas, a centre-left politician who has been a strong critic of AfD, tweeted that “violence must never be a means of political confrontation – no matter against whom or what the motives are.

“There is no justification whatsoever for this. Anyone who commits such a crime must be punished consistently.”

Green Party MP Cem Ozdemir said ”those who fight hatred with hatred always win the hatred in the end” while Johannes Kahrs, an MP for the centre-left Social Democratic Party, wished Mr Magnitz a quick recovery and said: “Violence does not work against anybody. Extremism of every kind is crap.”

The anti-immigration AfD became the third-largest party in the German parliament in 2017, with 12.6 per cent of the vote. It claims its members have been increasingly targeted by left-wing “antifa“ in recent months.

Tensions between far-right supporters and their rivals have increased since a 35 year-old German-Cuban man was stabbed to death in Chemnitz, a city in the eastern state of Saxony, in August last year

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