(LONDON) Proposal by Prison Minster: Shorter sentence offenders be released to prevent reoffending not that prisoner numbers increased from 40,000 in the 1990’s to 80,000 plus and they put in place ‘ private companies ‘ to control the institutions and have not spent money building new pris ons #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Jan.12: Jail sentences of six months or less should be scrapped, according to the prisons minister: Rory Stewart has said the move would ease pressure on prisons and be better for offenders: In comments reported by The Daily Telegraph, he said that “very short” jail terms were “long enough to damage you and not long enough to heal you” He added: “You bring somebody in for three or four weeks, they lose their house, their job, their family, their reputation…………”They come [into prison], they meet a lot of interesting characters (to put it politely) and then you whop them on to the streets again…………”The public are safer if we have a good community sentence… and it will relieve a lot of pressure on prisons.”#AceNewsDesk reports

Prisons minister Rory Stewart has said the pepper spray will act as a deterrent
Prisons minister Rory Stewart says the move would assist prisoner rehabilitation

Around 30,000 offenders a year including some burglars and most shoplifters could be spared jail under the proposals: Mr Stewart said that the exception to his plans would be violent offenders or those convicted of sex offences………….He told the newspaper that such a move would free up 4,000 prison places and create more space for education and workshops, adding: “We can change lives more”………….The number of prisoners has doubled since the 1990s to around 80,000 and around 60% of short-term prisoners re-offend within a year of their release, the Telegraph says.The Prison Reform Trust says that almost half of prisoners in England and Wales have been sentenced to six months or less.

In a report last year called Prison: The Facts, the trust said short prison sentences were less effective than community-based sentences, yet use of the latter had more than halved in the previous decade.

Peter Dawson, director of the Prison Reform Trust, said: Ministers should be congratulated for having the political courage to start the debate.”

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: “As we have said previously, short sentences are too often ineffective, provide little opportunity to rehabilitate offenders and lead to unacceptably high rates of re-offending.

“That’s why we are exploring potential alternatives but this work is ongoing and we have reached no conclusions at this time.”……..

Sources: SkyNews – Daily Telegraph Published: January.12:2018:

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