(EUROPE) JUST IN: Europe Relies on American GPS as Its Own Galileo System Suffers Massive Outage on its Satellite Network used by SatNavs has been down since Friday and travellers use US, Russia & China #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – July.15: Europe’s Galileo satellite network — used by satnavs, financial institutions and more — is in the throes of a huge outage: The system has been down since Friday meaning that travellers (and others) in Europe have instead had to fall back on the American Global Positioning System (GPS) — or even Russia or Chinese systems.

Galileo has been struck by what is being described as a “technical incident related to its ground infrastructure”, and it’s not clear when the situation will be remedied: The European GNSS Agency (Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency, or GSA) says that the incident affects only the Galileo initial navigation and timing services.

It stresses that “the SAR service