(HONG KONG) LATEST: China Officials confirm they will not let matters continue and that Carrie Lam will not be resigning and that they are monitoring the situation as activists violence erupts with bricks being thrown at buildings and many people being prevented from getting into the business district of Kowloon on Monday as they try to initiate a general strike #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Aug.05: Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday after violent clashes a day earlier, and Beijing said it would not let the situation persist: The Chinese-controlled city has been rocked by months of protests against a proposed bill to allow people to be extradited to stand trial in mainland China and they have now grown into calls for greater democracy Reuters reported.


Photo: May James/HKFP.

After the peaceful demonstrations finished, hundreds of masked protesters blocked roads in the town of Tseung Kwan O in the New Territories, set up barricades and hurled hard objects, including bricks at a police station: Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters after a separate rally in the island’s Western district where thousands of people gathered to urge authorities to listen to public demands: Protesters had began a march toward China’s Liaison Office which has been a flashpoint at previous protests: Police said the protesters were “participating in an unauthorized assembly”, similar to Saturday when they fired multiple tear gas rounds in confrontations with black-clad activists in the Kowloon area: Police said they had arrested more than 20 people for offences overnight including unlawful assembly and assault.

Photo: May James/HKFP.

Hong Kong police say they have fired some 1,000 rounds of tear gas, 160 rubber bullets and 150 sponge grenades since large-scale anti-extradition bill protests erupted on June 9. 420 people have been arrested: The police revealed the figures at a 4pm press conference on Monday, as officers fired more tear gas to clear demonstrators in multiple districts. Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced on Monday that the force will hold daily press conferences going forward: Those arrested in connection to the protests since June 9 were aged between 14 and 76. On Monday alone, 84 people were detained, including 76 in Tin Shui Wai.

2054 Shum Shui Po: A tourist from the Netherlands is heard having a dialoge with Apple daily reporters: The tourist witnessed police shooting projectiles directly at protesters from a roof. The shell shot against a traffic sign and the jorunalist says that “the force of the shell could’ve killed a kid” ………..He says that he doesn’t feel unsafe in Hong Kong as a tourist, but he says the police actions are “completly unnecessary”. The protesters are posing no threat at all, they’re 100meters back…there’s no direct threat at (the police).”……….”you saw that right…? (the police) shot the shell (tear gas canister and sponge grenades) at a the ordinary civillians…. that shit can kill someone! the force of one of the shells is fucking crazy… thats really fucked up that shit could’ve killed a kid.”………..”i live in the Netherlands, we have nothing to protest for, but seeing this this is really ugh…. they’re shooting at the protesters, we’re here as observers and as the press so i feel fine but i am worried (of the demonstrators) Source: Apple Daily – via https://t.me/standwithhongkong/2890

#AceNewsDesk reports …………….Published: Aug.05: 2019:

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