(LONDON) #Brexit Latest: Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has told Sky News that progress is being made on reaching a deal with the EU adding there have been “detailed technical talks” and “a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes” #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Sept.15: Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has told Sky News that progress is being made on reaching a #Brexit deal with the EU adding there have been “detailed technical talks” and “a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes” https://t.me/sky_news/10431

Britain is making progress towards a Brexit deal but significant work remains to be done, Brexit minister Stephen Barclay told Sky News on Sunday: We can see a landing zone in terms of a future deal but there is significant work still to do,” Barclay said.

Barclay said he would be meeting EU negotiator Michel Barnier on Monday Reuters: Top News https://ift.tt/2I7BvO9

The U.K.’s Brexit secretary on Sunday insisted that ministers would follow ministerial code, in response to the question of whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson will break the law and defy parliament by pursuing a no-deal Brexit: The legal question is one that could rock the future of the British government — and one that if violated, could potentially land the prime minister in jail.

Asked if the Johnson would defy the law, Stephen Barclay, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, refrained from offering a definitive answer, telling CNBC: “Well the ministerial code requires obeying the law … but the key issue is how do we deliver on the democratic results of the British people. This was the biggest vote in our country’s history, people want to see this done.”

Parliament is expected to pass legislation Monday that would require the prime minister to seek an extension to Article 50, the mechanism triggering departure from the EU, to avoid crashing out of the bloc without a deal: A former top prosecutor on Saturday warned that were he to go against the law, Johnson would be in contempt of court and would face the same punishment as any ordinary citizen.

Barclay maintained that ministers are bound by ministerial rules, but did not elaborate further, instead focusing on the need for a “creative” approach from the EU to fix the current impasse between London and Brussels: “Let’s get this done, but it does require the (EU) Commission not to just to say in public that they will be creative and flexible, it also requires them in private to get into those discussions with us, so we get this deal over the line,” he told CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick at the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, Italy on Sunday.

Meanwhile last Sunday: U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called the Brexit delay bill “lousy” when speaking to Sky News and vowed to check “very carefully what it does and doesn’t require.” But he insisted the government would not break the law: Three years and two extensions after the U.K. held its referendum, Brexit still remains up in the air.

Barclay’s words come on the heels of the resignation of U.K. Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, who quit her post late last Saturday in protest at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the country’s exit from the EU, calling his actions “an assault on decency and democracy.”

Barclay struck back at Corbyn last Sunday when speaking to CNBC, calling his position on Brexit “incoherent.”………..“He wants to extend in order to have time for him to negotiate a new deal, which he then says he would campaign against. So just to be clear on that, he wants more time to negotiate a deal that he will then work against,” he said: “Which I think is an incoherent position. He’s said he would respect the referendum result in his manifesto, now he’s gone back on his word.”…….A Labour party spokesperson was not immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.

Barclay’s message echoes that of U.K. Finance Minister Sajid Javid, who earlier on Sunday issued a full-throated defense of his government, saying he was “absolutely convinced” that Westminster could still get a Brexit deal and that the view that the government is not doing enough to get a one “could not be further from the truth.” He added that Johnson would attend the EU Summit on October 17 and try to strike a deal, but will not ask for an extension.

Still, a number of global firms continue to show confidence in the U.K., with major investments for new offices and headquarters coming into London from the likes of Apple, Google and Facebook.

The “entire machinery of government” is focused on getting a Brexit deal with the EU, says Priti Patel: The home secretary said Boris Johnson was “fully committed” to negotiating an agreement by the 31 October deadline…….But when pressed by the BBC’s Andrew Marr to reveal details, she said it wasn’t “a public negotiation”.

Earlier, Mr Johnson said the UK would break out of its “manacles” like cartoon character The Incredible Hulk, in order to leave the EU: He told the Mail on Sunday: “Hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound in he seemed to be – and that is the case for this country…………….”We will come out on 31 October and we will get it done.”

Mr Johnson is due to meet European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in Luxembourg this week as negotiations aimed at securing a deal continue………..

#AceNewsDesk reports …………….Published: Sept.15: 2019:

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