(QUEENSLAND, W.A.) JUST IN: Exclusive: Sue*, a worker at a company bidding for an Adani contract, tells the ABC she is leaking information to environmental activists so they can target her employer, saying it ’s the “ethical, moral thing to do” saying she was not anti-mining but “just concerned about mining of certain resources and thermal coal is obviously a big problem ” #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Sept.15: Sue*, a long-time mining services industry worker who has asked to remain anonymous, said she was willing to risk her career for “the opportunity to provide information that could help to stop the [Carmichael] mine proceeding”……….”I saw it as an opportunity to do something that might help, something proactive, because as somebody with concerns about these sorts of things, you can find yourself feeling powerless,” Sue said: “So when you come across something that you see you can contribute, you jump on board.”……..Activists said many industry insiders were leaking to help them pressure companies to abandon Adani before even signing up to service what could be Australia’s last big thermal coal mine.

Climate change protesters block the front gates of premises of an Adani contractor.Photo: Climate change protesters block the front gates of premises of an Adani contractor. (Supplied: North Queensland Climate Action Network)

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) said it was part of an unprecedented campaign to destroy jobs by targeting the fringe players in a project that has already won government and local community approval.A worker at a company bidding for an Adani contract has told the ABC she is leaking inside information to environmental activists so they can target her employer.

Key points:

  • Mining industry insider says she is risking her job by leaking information to help stop Adani’s Carmichael coal mine
  • Activists say insiders are helping them to pressure companies before any deals are done with Adani
  • The QRC says contractors should beware activist infiltration but not cave to pressure if they want to keep working with mining companies.

Hundreds of anti-Adani protesters march across Victoria Bridge in Brisbane CBD.Photo: Hundreds of anti-Adani protesters marched across Victoria Bridge in Brisbane’s CBD on June 21. (ABC News: Mark Leonardi)

The campaign puts prospective Adani contractors in the crossfire, facing on the one hand potential site protests or boycotts for working with the company, and on the other a backlash from miners for caving to activists.

Ben Pennings from Galilee Blockade said they now had almost “too much information” from insiders after their “dob in a contractor” campaign: “They’re telling us about which companies are bidding for Adani work, they’re telling us about Adani sites, but they’re also telling us really sensitive stuff which, for want of a better word, is ‘where the bodies are buried’,” he said: “We’re getting information about industrial sites, how companies can be affected, what their favourite sponsorships are, about their venues, what their brands are that they care about, where they’re most easily convinced.

“Any company siding with Adani is taking massive risks with regards to their brand and reputation and maybe even their profits.”

QRC chief Ian Macfarlane said the industry had seen “nothing as concentrated and as organised” as the current campaign against would-be Adani contractors: “The activists will stop at nothing to destroy jobs,” Mr Macfarlane said: “My advice to companies is to show some courage and to be aware that the activists are trying to infiltrate your organisations and make sure that your own IP [intellectual property] and the security systems you run are up to scratch.”……..Mr Macfarlane said the QRC would never blacklist mining services providers that caved to activist pressure, but miners would take it into account in the future………..”It is going to damage their reputations long term, if they bow down to these activists and don’t stand by the industry,” he said.

Adani workers at a water bore on the central Queensland mine site, a promotional image from company's Australian website.Photo: Adani workers at a water bore at the Queensland mine site. (www.adaniaustralia.com)

Sue — whose identity and employment have been confirmed by the ABC — said she was not anti-mining but “just concerned about mining of certain resources and thermal coal is obviously a big problem” She said if outed as a leaker “I would lose my job, I probably would lose my reputation. and it’d probably be a problem for me going forward in getting employment”

AceNewsDesk reports ……………Published: September 14, 2019 at 11:07PM: Read More: Exclusive by Josh Robertson of ABC.Net/

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