(BRIGHTON, U.K.) #Labour Conference Report: Try to oust Tom Watson ….failed ? Leave OR Remain OR 2nd Refer endum OR ? Nobody agrees and the party is divided on almost every issue except giving money away like Corbyn accused Boris of doing in PMQ’s so its vote by members Monday on #Brexit stance ? #AceNewsDesk repo rts

#AceNewsReport – Sept.23: The seeds of the current rows overshadowing on the first day of Labour conference were sown here in Brighton nearly two weeks ago: Jeremy Corbyn thought he had sealed a deal on Brexit behind closed doors at the TUC conference with the big unions: The party would officially stay neutral during the election.

Some of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest colleagues have told me they were angry that they hadn’t been told of the plot to oust him and the Labour leader himself had to call off the coup: But the incident exposes Labour’s deep fault lines just ahead of an election – not just between left and right but within the left:

But Tom Watson outraged many on the left less than 24 hours later when he contradicted Jeremy Corbyn and called for an unambiguous campaign to REMAIN: Many on the left already regarded him as disloyal and for them this was the final straw: There was mutterings of disciplining him but angry words only turned in to action: Watson told BBC radio: “I just think Jon Lansman and his faction are so angry about (my position on Brexit) that, they’d rather abolish me than have a debate with me about it.”…………….Watson has been accused by some supporters of Corbyn of being disloyal or even trying to undermine the Labour leader on a range of issues including allegations of anti-Semitism in the party: Members had voted him in and should be able to vote him out, he said: Mr Watson has been at odds with leader Jeremy Corbyn over the party’s stance on Brexit but said he had to speak out.

Tom Watson’s anti-Brexit stance meant that the left-led TSSA union which has campaigned for Remain, Labour must unequivocally back Remain, says deputy rallied to the deputy leader and not Momentum’s Jon Lansman: But when the deputy leader’s post is reviewed, these divisions are likely to reopen: Labour’s Tom Watson has said the bid to oust him as deputy leader by abolishing his post is a “sectarian attack” on the party’s “broad church” He told the BBC he found out late on Friday in a text message that a motion had been tabled by Jon Lansman, founder of Labour grassroots group Momentum.

An initial move to oust him was made at a meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on Friday but it failed to get the two-thirds majority needed:

In the short term, Labour’s strategy of denouncing the Lib Dems undemocratic over Brexit and the Conservative as intolerant towards dissenters has been shattered: The deputy leader of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party said on Saturday that his stance on Brexit, where he backs a second referendum before a parliamentary election, unlike leader Jeremy Corbyn, is behind efforts by some in the party to remove him.

At a meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee on Friday, Jon Lansman, the founder of the left-wing grassroots movement Momentum, proposed a motion to abolish the post of deputy leader, citing disloyalty over Brexit, according to two party officials: The chair ruled that the motion should be thrown out and members then voted 17 to 10 to overturn that decision, just short of the two-thirds majority they needed, the officials said: The motion was sent back to the National Executive Committee on Saturday and, if successful, due to be debated by Labour’s annual party conference later on, according to a source close to Lansman.

A Labour Party spokesman declined to comment……. what’s new ….

#AceNewsDesk reports ……………..Published: Sept.23: 2019:

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