JUST IN: #ExtinctionRebellion using #ClimateChange as an EXCUSE and they want to use ‘ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ‘ saying they are trying out tactics used by demonstrators in Hong Kong by planning to use bike locks, cable ties and street barricades to create public disruption in 60-cities as 135-people arrested by MET on Monday #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Oct.07: MET have arrested 135 people taking part in protests organised by the climate change protest group Extinction Rebellion, the police said on Monday: Activists were blocking roads, bridges and squares all over London’s government district of Westminster to call on the government to take urgent action to curb carbon emissions………..“As of 12:30hrs today (1130 GMT) there have been a total of 135 arrests,” the Metropolitan Police said in a tweet.

Key points:

  • Extinction Rebellion activist are demanding action on climate change
  • Organisers say they are trying out tactics used by demonstrators in Hong Kong
  • They are using bike locks, cable ties and street barricades to create public disruption

Extinction Rebellion protesters chained to barricades on a main road in BrisbanePhoto: Extinction Rebellion protesters stop traffic by locking themselves to portable barricades in Brisbane. (ABC News: Michael Atkin)

Dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested as protests take place across the globe: Thirty people were charged with committing offences in Sydney after hundreds blocked a road, while activists surrounded a government building in Wellington, New Zealand. Fifty people were detained in Amsterdam for erecting a tent on a main road.

#ExtinctionRebellion protesters are planning to copy civil disobedience tactics from the unrest in Hong Kong to try to disrupt Australian cities.

The climate change activists have begun a week of protest dubbed the International Rebellion across 60 cities from Paris to Mumbai to demand action about what they say is a climate emergency: “We’ve got barricades that have recently been used in Hong Kong so we’re going to try out what’s been happening in Hong Kong,” Tom Howell, one of the group’s Brisbane organisers, told 7.30.;;;;;;;;;”Cable ties and street barricades together, you can go and get a $40 bike lock, this is a really accessible thing.

“So it’s great that we can show that if people do want to take action, disrupt the economy … it only takes a few bike locks, cable ties and some street furniture.”

‘Wilful and deliberate disruption’

An Extinction Rebellion protester attached to a portable barricade with a bike lock around his neckPhoto: An Extinction Rebellion protester demonstrates using a bike lock to chain himself to a portable barricade. (ABC News: Michael Atkin)

Extinction Rebellion has already been holding regular protests where they superglue themselves to roads or use devices to lock onto infrastructure: Since April, the group says 160 people have been arrested in Brisbane alone.

The activists regularly meet in secret locations to practice protests before they’re deployed on the streets: 7.30 obtained access to one of these secret meetings, where they were practicing using bike locks to chain themselves to barricades, just one tactic they have copied from the Hong Kong protests.

Queensland Police Chief Superintendent Tony Fleming said it was concerning that the protesters would adopt those tactics: “I think that would be very disappointing if people were to behave that way,” he told 7.30.

“I think the issues in Hong Kong and the issues in Australia are probably different and, whilst we are not in the business of taking sides in any particular issue — we’re very keen to be agnostic — the fact is … we can all see that is having a significant impact on Hong Kong.”

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#AceNewsDesk reports ……………..Published: Oct.07: 2019:

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