(LONDON) ONS REPORT: The Office for National Statistics says knife crime offences recorded by police in England and Wales hit a record high in the year ending June 2019 rising by 7% on the previous 12 months #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Oct.17: Police recorded crime data show a continued, but smaller, rise in offences involving knives or sharp instruments: Offences involving knives or sharp instruments figures (unless otherwise stated) exclude Greater Manchester Police (GMP) owing to their previous undercounting of these offences. Improvements by GMP to address this led to a sharp increase in these offences. Data from January 2018 onwards are not comparable with earlier figures.

Over the last year, police figures indicated rises in some higher-harm violent offences involving the use of weapons2 . Recorded offences involving knives or sharp instruments increased by 7% to 44,076 offences3. Notably, this latest rise is smaller than that seen a year ago (up 14% in the year ending June 2018). While the total number of offences in England and Wales increased, there was a mixed picture across the different police force areas, with the Metropolitan Police recording little change in the number of offences in the last year, an increase of 17 from 14,949 to 14,966 offences.

Although less prevalent than offences involving knives or sharp instruments, offences involving firearms recorded by the police rose by 4% (to 6,734 offences) Following previous decreases these offences have seen rises over the last five years when comparing the year ending March figures (Figure 3). Figures reported in the year ending December 2018 bulletin showed a small fall (2%) in the number of offences involving firearms but this has not continued over the latest two quarters.

We are aware of improvements in recording practices by police to better identify the involvement of a firearm, which may have contributed to this latest rise. However, the scale of the effect is unclear: These improvements are thought to have most affected those offences involving “other firearms”, which include weapons such as stun guns, CS gas and pepper spray.

Figure 3: Continued rise in offences involving a knife or sharp instrument and an increase in offences involving firearms

England and Wales, year ending March 2003 to year ending June 2019

Knife or sharp instrument offences (exc Greater Manchester Police)

Offences involving firearms

Knife or sharp instrument offences (inc Greater Manchester Police)

Jun 19Mar 16Mar 14Mar 12Mar 10Mar 08Mar 06Mar 04


Number of offences

Source: Home Office – Police recorded crime
  1. Police recorded crime data are not designated as National Statistics.
  2. Police recorded knife or sharp instrument offences data are submitted via a special collection which includes the offences: homicide; attempted murder; threats to kill; assault with injury and assault with intent to cause serious harm; robbery; rape; and sexual assault.
  3. Information on previous recording issues for individual police forces can be found in table P4 published alongside this bulletin.
  4. Lancashire could not supply data, for offences involving knives or sharp instruments, in time for publication for April to June 2019 as a result of technical issues. Data for Lancashire have been imputed using national trends and will be corrected in future publications when data are submitted by this force
  5. Firearms include: shotguns; handguns; rifles; imitation weapons such as BB guns or soft air weapons; other weapons such as CS gas, pepper spray and stun guns; and unidentified weapons. They exclude conventional air weapons, such as air rifles.
  6. Data on firearms offences are provisional and have not been reconciled with police forces
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Further discussion about offences involving knives or sharp instruments can be found in Rises in offences involving knives or sharp instruments and firearms offences. 

#AceNewsDesk says anyone wanting to read the full ‘ Crime in England & Wales Statistics Please Use This Link To The Page Here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/bulletins/crimeinenglandandwales/yearendingjune2019 Published: Oct.17: 2019

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