(AFRICA) #ClimateChange Report: Air pollution remains a major challenge: About 600,000 deaths every year across the continent are associated with this invisible killer: With 23 per cent of global deaths (12.6 million) linked to environmental factors, WHO estimates that air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths every year #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Nov.01: Air pollution is caused by harmful particulates and gases, released in high quantities into the air. These pollutants cause disease and death to humans, damage to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, and harm our ecosystems. Air pollution is caused by indoor and outdoor activities though the latter, which is largely a result of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity and to power vehicles, is responsible for most of the world’s air pollution. Large and small scale industrial activities also cause air pollution by emitting substances into the air, which are harmful to human health and are the root cause of many of the respiratory diseases and cancers in humans.

Air pollutants include black carbon and greenhouse gases, one of which is carbon dioxide (CO2), a common component of vehicle exhaust emissions: Greenhouse gases cause global warming by trapping heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. CO2 is a good indicator of how much fossil fuel is burned and how many pollutants are emitted as a result. The burning of charcoal used for cooking in homes also produces black carbon and another gas, carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous and is a major cause of death in many households.

The Actions on Air Quality report focuses on ten basic measures to improve air quality. It shows that the majority of countries are yet to adopt these air quality policy actions: The recently published Global Environmental Outlook, GEO-6, confirmed that both outdoor and indoor air quality is deteriorating rapidly in many areas due to various factors such the use of firewood and other biomass as sources of energy, increasing traffic volumes, importation of old second hands vehicles, and increased use of the two-stroke engine motorcycles as alternative means of transport in both urban and rural areas.

#AceNewsDesk reports………….Published: Nov.01: 2019: https://www.unenvironment.org/

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