(BRUSSELS) ECJ Ruling: ‘ According to the ECJ ruling, the reforms undermine the independence of cour ts and discriminate between genders, and that Poland’s Law and Justice Party ‘ implemented reforms over retirement age of judges in 2017 but EU want to control law and justice decisions in the bloc #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Nov.06: In 2017 Poland’s ruling party Law and Justice implemented controversial reforms: In order to evict what they called ‘old judges with communists past’ they lowered the retirement age of judges: to 60 years for women and 65 years for men.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has now ruled this is against EU law: “Basically the court rejects the so called reforms of the polish courts and I am very pleased to see that the European Court of Justice is watching over the independence of the judiciary in all European member states. And I think it’s a very clear signal to any government that might want to try and capture the judiciary this is not acceptable in the EU,” Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veldm explained.

According to the ECJ ruling, the reforms undermine the independence of courts and discriminate between genders: “What ECJ said is basically that rule of law is tangible. Because very often from Warsaw or from Budapest for that matter, we hear arguments that rule of law is a very vague concept. It’s not vague. It’s a concept that we have in our court system, that we have in rules, and that we adjudication about for many years. And this is proof for that. So I think this is indeed a confirmation and a victory for the rule of law as a concept,” German MEP Sergey Lagodinsky said.

Poland’s Foreign Ministry said the ruling was unjustified since Warsaw amended the laws last year allowing both male and female judges retire at the same age.

#AceNewsDesk reports ……………Published: Nov.06: 2019: Euronews.Com/

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