🍾 #NYE2019 – Happy New Year – ALL – Friends – Readers – Followers

Dear All,

Its been a real interesting year for our news with many of our reports being related protesting, hate crimes and of terrorism not to forget #Brexit and the surprise election result as we head for the ‘ Golden Age ‘ and everyone being told they will receive everything they WANT but l believe NOT what we NEED:

TO US: The peoples News & Views have become paramount wether its the #TRUTH OR FALSE NEWS …..that has enabled those that are in ‘ so-called ‘ power to get groups that are trying to change the political landscape in their own image but not for the ‘ GOOD OF ALL BUT FOR THE FEW THAT WANT TO BE CONTROLLERS ‘ hidden in the darkness of others:

Here at Ace News Services we make you promise for the next year and that is we will only print the truth on this site and leave you the readers to decide what you believe in your head or you ❤️

So may l wish all of you a ‘ Happy New Year ‘ and may the next decade be the best for you and yours now and forevermore God Bless Ian (Editor) #NYE2019