(MELBOURNE, Australia.) Featured Report: The cyber pirates of the Caribbean responsible for online fraud that robs Australians of millions – Rebecca Trigger @ABCNews #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Jan.06: Editor says having worked in this industry most of my life .. l met a lot of people who were unscrupulous and always will to take your money with their lies, half-truths and other scams ..be careful and always check out every website or link carefully on social media and online: need advice just ask in a comment l will not print your email and will email you back …Be safe my friends, followers and readers: Well worth read below from Rebecca Trigger plus Telegram or Site link for full report:

The cyber pirates of the Caribbean responsible for online fraud that robs Australians of millions – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The cyber pirates of the Caribbean

They ride the high seas of the global financial system, preying on everyday Australians and stealing millions of dollars. They are the outlaws of the digital world and authorities seem powerless to stop them.

By Rebecca Trigger: Published 5 Jan 2020, 19:19pm

Jane Smith* had run a successful business for years and was finally in a place where she could think about investing her and her husband’s retirement fund: They had both worked hard and put aside a sizeable nest egg, but she was worried as she neared retirement age they needed a top-up………………..So when a simple offer promising a healthy return popped up on her Facebook feed, she thought she would give it a try……..It sounded similar to something she had heard about from a friend whose son worked for a major investment firm that was using automated trading software on currency exchange markets………….And it came from a firm with a slick-looking website and a friendly investment manager who sounded highly educated and knew current market trends………Little did she know her savings would be flushed into a river of cash flowing out of Australia and into a global network of offshore accounts, where it would be laundered and channelled into the pockets of highly organised criminals.

Scammers who are smarter than us:

Jane’s life has changed irrevocably since she was targeted: She is now forced to contemplate a future where she and her husband will have to keep working, then when they get too old perhaps turn to the Government for support……………..And Jane is far from alone.

Many of us think we are too smart to fall for scammers, but investment scams cost Australians at least $86 million in 2018 — topping all other forms of scams that robbed people of their savings.

Fake investment offers in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are becoming more popular, resulting in record losses in 2019, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)……………….But despite the massive cost, victims say when they report these crimes, action is rarely taken

An ABC investigation has peeled back the glossy facade of the scam that robbed Jane of her savings, to reveal an extensive global network including shell companies, sophisticated marketing and high-pressure sales tactics all designed to get what it wants — your money.

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