FEATURED: Autism Rates Spiked After Aborted Fetal DNA First Introduced Into MMR Vaccine in 1980’s: A utism did exist prior to 1980 but it was known by another name: Sub-acute Schlerosing Pan-Encephalitis (SSPE ), and, yes, it was also known to be caused by vaccinia even in the 1970s Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD in Molecu lar and Cellular Physiology from Standford and founder and Lead Scientist #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Jan.18: Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Standford and founder and Lead Scientist at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, has published evidence that the spike in autism first noticed in the early 1980s coincided with the first usage of aborted human DNA in Merck’s long-suspected and controversial MMR vaccine:

Administration of fragments of human fetal (primitive) non-self DNA to a child could generate an immune response that would also cross-react with the child’s own DNA, since the contaminating DNA could have sections of overlap very similar to the child’s own DNA.

Children with autistic disorder have antibodies against human DNA in their circulation that non-autistic children do not have. These antibodies may be involved in autoimmune attacks in autistic children.

Duke University demonstrated in a recently conducted study that significant improvements in behavior were observed when children with autism spectrum disorder were treated with their own banked autologous cord blood. This treatment clearly shows that most children with autism are not born with it since genetic diseases like Down syndrome or muscular fibrosis cannot be treated with autologous stem cells. Therefore, an environmental trigger, or triggers, introduced to the world around 1980 when autism first began to rise, must be identified and eliminated or reduced in the environment.

Strong change-point correlation exists between rising autism rates and the US vaccine manufacturing switch from animal-derived cell lines for rubella vaccine to human aborted cell lines in the late 70s.

•The earliest change point for Autistic Disorder (AD) birth year was identified for 1981 for California and U.S. data, preceded by a switch in the manufacturing process:

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