(ARCTIC) #ClimateChange Report: If planting more trees can replenish forests and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, then could we also repopulate the Arctic with ice? As scientists start to decide how to refreeze the earths poles #AceNewsDesk says But if mankind does not have the picture on the jigsaw of creation on how God put it together, then how can he rebuild it ? Next …..

#AceNewsReport – Feb.21: Editor says we originally had an earth that contained all that we needed called ‘ The Garden of Eden ‘ but slowly through greed, avarice and want …it was and is being destroyed …Now l ask a simple question …if nobody knows how it was created then how does anyone know how to put it back together ….and by guessing and thinking …is it not time to leave it alone and let God shows us the way ? Or consequences could be dire ….read Revelations and wait ..don’t guess ..Please

Scientists and designers are proposing radical ways to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

That’s a question posed by a team of Indonesian designers with an eye-catching response to the climate crisis: iceberg-making submarines: The idea, recently named runner-up in an international design competition Appealing for radical approaches to sustainability, is the latest in a series of new proposals for “refreezing” the Earth’s poles — from sprinkling them with artificial sand to blasting seawater into the sky to brighten the clouds.

Led by 29-year-old architect Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha, the group envisaged a submersible vessel capable of producing 16-foot-thick, 82-foot wide hexagonal icebergs: The process would begin with the submarine dipping beneath the surface to fill its central cavity with seawater. Salt would then be filtered out, raising water’s freezing point by more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit, after which a hatch closes over the chamber to protect it from the sun.

The proposed vessel would be large enough to host research and leusire facilities.

The proposed vessel would be large enough to host research and leusire facilities. Credit: Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha

An iceberg would then form naturally inside, before being ejected a month later: According to the team behind the project, the hexagonal shape may encourage the icebergs (or “ice babies” as Kotahatuhaha refers to them) to interlock with one another and form larger frozen masses.

It’s an early concept design, and many questions remain. The designers are yet to finalize how the vehicle would be powered, though they intend for the vessel to be fully sustainable. But could the submarines, in theory, work?

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