(BRUSSELS) EU Agree fund help the people across Europe so they say, but no details are available of HOW it will be measured out and in what proportions will it be shared and at this time in history it is those who will be judged by `God not man for their ‘ charitable works ‘ and all others will be found wanting #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Apr.11: The fact that the main details about the agreed fund remain unknown raises questions across the European Union. Moreover, the deal about the new recovery fund is reached in addition to already agreed measures to allocate 550 billion euros ($602 million) for the COVID-19 response.

#Coronavirus Report: Editor says ‘ Only By Giving Will You Receive and only by ‘ Receiving Can You Give More of Yourselves as by ‘ Giving & Receiving ‘ can you truly say that you are ‘ charitable ‘ and as charity begins not in the pocket but in the ❤️Of all people who glorify God will the #Truth be revealed once more OR will it be #Bruxit

It is not yet clear whether the fund envisions grants or loans for the countries most affected by the coronavirus:

“Some member states expressed the view that this should be achieved via common debt issuance; other member states said that alternative ways should be found,” Eurogroup President and Portuguese Finance Minister Mario Centeno said on Thursday.

Centeno did not disclose what alternative ways are to be considered, so it is up to the European Council and heads of states of EU members to make a final decision.

Eurozone Temporarily Abandoning Maastricht Criteria

The new decisions barely go further than what had been announced earlier. Besides, there is no clarity on the so-called coronabonds — Eurobonds that will help overcome the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic — as well. Italy, Spain and other southern European countries have been asking for the issuance of coronabonds since late March but so far the northern states are not backing this idea.

“We are committed to do everything necessary to meet this challenge in a spirit of solidarity. A coordinated and comprehensive strategy is necessary to deal with health emergency needs, to support economic activity and to prepare the ground for the recovery,” the joint declaration of the Eurogroup ministers, which was agreed following the meeting on Thursday, said.

According to the Eurogroup, there is a “flexibility in EU rules.” On March 23, the finance ministers agreed with the assessment of the Commission that the conditions for the use of the general escape clause of the EU fiscal framework were fulfilled:

#AceHealthDesk report …………Published: Apr.11: 2020:

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