(CHINNOR, Oxen.U.K.) #Tombstoning Report: Would you swim in a pool of ammonia? ……..People are still tom bstoning into ‘Blue Lagoon’ as toxic as household bleach due to high PH values just after a paddleboarder rescued his life to retrieve a stricken man who had jumped 70ft (21m) into the sea at “ Durdle Door “ Dorset on Saturday #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – June.02: answer is probably no, but that hasn’t stopped countless families driving to take a dip in a toxic lake, despite pleas from police to stop: Signs at the site in Chinnor, Oxfordshire, say ‘do not enter water due to high pH levels:

People are still tombstoning into ‘Blue Lagoon’ as toxic as household bleach

James Hockaday – Metro.co.uk/ Tuesday 2 Jun 2020 10:07 am
Visitors jump into a former quarry site in Chinnor, Oxfordshire, which people are diving into despite it being filled with chemicals
People are driving as far as 40 miles to visit the chemical filled ‘Chinnor Riviera’

Would you swim in a pool of ammonia?

‘This can cause skin and eye irritations, stomach problems, fungal infections such as thrush, other infections such as rashes: Think! Would you swim in ammonia (pH 11.5) or bleach pH (12.6)? Well these are similar to the Blue Lagoon – pH 11.3)!’ Clearly this isn’t enough to deter hundreds of people breaking lockdown rules from diving into the quarry. Families have been driving up to 40 miles to swim in the luminous pool, nicknamed ‘Chinnor Riviera’ by locals.

MP for Henley John Howell said it was ‘absolutely appalling’ to see ‘gangs’ visiting the fenced off area ‘without any concern for social distancing. One nearby resident told The Sun: ‘They were treating the quarries like a beach:

‘Jumping in from cliff edges into very dangerous water: It’s very cold, very deep and it’s stagnant water with all sorts of diseases and a pH level almost as high as bleach. Yet people were letting their kids swim in it.’

People are still tombstoning into Blue Lagoon that's as toxic as household bleach
Would you want to swim in this? (Picture: Leanne Lewin)People are still tombstoning into Blue Lagoon that's as toxic as household bleach *taken without permission/unknown source* https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11758855/covidiots-tombstoning-toxic-pool-lockdown/#
Hundreds of Brits are ignoring warnings and have been diving into the toxic ‘Blue Lagoon’

Residents say the site has caused huge problems for locals as day-trippers park over driveways, get drunk and leave behind piles of rubbish: Locals had previously set up a roadblock before police arrived in a bid to stop an illegal rave reportedly planned at the quarry…………..The site’s owners Taylor Wimpey say they have deployed security guards and dogs to patrol the area.

Responding to a Facebook post about accessing the site, one local said: ‘You won’t be going to any rave today unless you want to break down a barbed wire fence, get past 20-plus security guards, dogs and half of Chinnor – none of whom want you here.’

Thames Valley Police have issued a Section 34 dispersal order to keep people away: A spokesman for the force said: ‘We would like to inform the public that Chinnor Quarry is private property and should not be visited under any circumstances: ‘The water in the quarry is highly toxic and can cause serious health issues. It is also extremely dangerous as it is surrounded by cliff faces and the ground can be unstable in areas.

Durdle Door Dorset – Tombstone rescuer ‘feared he would drown’ as he tried four times to rescue the man: BBC News reports


Three men jumped into the sea near Dorset’s Durdle Door arch

A paddleboarder who retrieved a stricken man who had jumped 70ft (21m) into the sea said he thought he was going to drown in the rescue.

Mike Wiley, 31, found the man unconscious on the seabed after he had tombstoned from Durdle Door arch in Dorset on Saturday: He described “swimming through the pain” as he hauled the man back to the surface: The beach later had to be cleared to allow air ambulances to land.

Thousands of people flocked to Durdle Door Beach on the Jurassic Coast on Saturday following the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

#AceNewsDesk report ………….Published: June.02: 2020:

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