(WORLDWIDE) JUST IN: Stargazers are eagerly awaiting a truly awe-inspiring celestial spectacle this weekend, as a phenomenon known as an annular solar eclipse –aka a ‘Ring of Fire’– is set to adorn skies across the globe the eclipse will take place on June.20 and 21: (Depending on the vie wing location) #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.18: The ring of fire eclipse will take place between June 20 and 21 (depending on the viewing location) when the Moon partially obscures our view of the Sun, creating a silhouette of star fire.This particular event only happens when the Moon is at its farthest point from the Earth in its orbit, appearing smaller in the sky relative to the Sun, while differentiating it from other solar eclipses:

June 2020 eclipse path © NASAAt the peak of the eclipse on June 21, the moon will block 99.4 percent of the Sun right as the pair dance above the skies of northern India: RT World News: Published: June.18: https://ift.tt/3fHaDTP

Judging by photos and videos taken during last year’s event, we can expect some truly incredible images.after several months of work, i am glad to share my large FOV image of the #solareclipse2019 observed from @cerrotololo ! this was made possible thanks to @NikonFR and @cieletespace.

More information on my website:https://t.co/LMfTuAwr4p pic.twitter.com/5kgeQhytLN— Nicolas Lefaudeux (@NLefaudeux) January 29, 2020For those unfortunate enough not to be in the direct path of the annular eclipse, fear not, as multiple livestream events have already been arranged. “It’s only two minutes, but it’s so intense that you talk about it with your friends, family for the next month,” said geophysicist Alexander Alin, who observed the 2019 event in person.The next ring of fire will occur in 2021 but will likely only be clearly visible in its entirety from the Arctic. However, there will also be a total solar eclipse expected to cross over South America December 14, to tide us over in the meantime.Also on rt.comFile photo of the August 2017 annular solar eclipse as seen from Tennessee, US‘Ring of Fire’: Last solar eclipse of the decade & how to watch the Christmas treat in India, Philippines & Middle East

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: June.18: 2020:

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