(VIENNA, Austria.) JUST IN: #IslamicState jihadi known as Azad.G returned to country several times for medical treatment, then went back jihad but retains citizenship due to not having dual citizenship at present his whereabouts are not known but believed to be somewhere in Turkey #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.22: Azad G. had made headlines several times: a year after leaving Syria in 2013, he returned to his hometown of Vienna to receive multiple outpatient treatments for a gunshot wound. During this leave from the front he 14 times collected 885.47 euros in minimum security. Then he traveled to Syria again:After the case became known, the municipal department MA 35 wanted to revoke his Austrian citizenship. However, the Vienna Administrative Court canceled the decision on April 20, as Beatrix Hornschall, the vice president of the Vienna Administrative Court, confirmed to Vienna Today. Because Austrian citizenship would only be withdrawn if you had dual citizenship:

ISIS jihadi returned to Austria several times for medical treatment, then went back to jihad, retains citizenship: ” IS fighter retains citizenship,” translated from “IS-Kämpfer behält Staatsbürgerschaft,” Wien ORF.at, June 15, 2020 (thanks to Medforth):

Azad G. not a Turkish citizen: The MA 35 assumed that Azad G. is an Austrian-Turkish dual citizen. “We have our knowledge from the naturalization files of that time,” MA 35 said in February regarding the ongoing revocation proceedings against several alleged IS fighters.

In the case of Azad G. “it was only in the appeal procedure before the Vienna Administrative Court that the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey announced by way of legal aid that the applicant was not a Turkish citizen: There are no indications that he holds any other citizenship. Because the complainant is only in possession of Austrian citizenship, this cannot be withdrawn from him, according to the clear legal wording of section 33 (2) of the Citizenship Act, as this would render him stateless,” said Hornschall.

Location currently unknown: According to the State Department, the current “whereabouts of Azad G. are unknown”. He is said to have been captured by Kurdish soldiers. There was a video of him in the previous year saying, “I hope you can see that I am repentant.”…

#AceNewsDesk report …………………Published: June.22: 2020: