(U.K.) Ofcom says it is concerned some customers are “not being treated fairly” over the amount they are being charged to keep old email addresses: This happens when customers continue to use an old email address from an internet service provider they have since left with worst offender being BT #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.18: Many people who subsequently switched have paid hundreds of pounds just to keep using their old address as before: Ofcom’s investigation was prompted by a Money Box report earlier this year: Ofcom also found most people who use an address provided by their broadband company are former BT customers:

BT says if customers want to switch provider but keep hold of their old BT email address they’re charged £7.50 per month to be able to access and use their account like they used to, including accessing it using an app:

Ofcom Report: Email charges: ‘They’ve got you over a barrel’ Dan Whitworth Money Box reports and its stops people switching to other broadband providers

It puts people off switching to other providers:

One in six UK adults say they’re likely to be put off switching broadband provider out of fear of losing their email address or being charged to keep it, according to research by comparethemarket.com.

It’s this point which Ofcom is concerned about:

BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media supply 90% of the home broadband market in the UK and BT is not the only provider which charges customers if they want to keep old addresses and use them as before if people switch provider.