(VICTORIA, Australia.) Court Report: Ian Hooper has been given at least 4 years behind bars for the ‘ kidnap and sexual assault ‘ of a 6 year old girl. He picked a little girl because “he coul dn’t get a big one.” He said …Why he was given 4yrs only was because this was a typical se ntence for this type of offending, considering he did not actually succeed in his mission #AceNewsDesk repor t

#AceNewsReport – July.23: A man has been jailed for abducting and sexually assaulting a six-year-old Victorian schoolgirl, in what a judge has described as “the stuff of nightmares.” Ian Hooper told the little girl to get on his mobility scooter before touching the outside of her underwear as she left a Mildura primary school in December 2019: The 65-year-old started riding away with the girl before a school parent saw what was happening and confronted Hooper. Ian Hooper has been given at least 4 years behind bars for the kidnap and sexual assault of a 6 year old girl. He picked a little girl because “he couldn’t get a big one.”

Man jailed for 4yrs for kidnap and sexual assault of a 6yr-old-girl said he took her as he could not get a big one court heard

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In jailing him for a maximum of six years on Friday, Victorian County Court Judge Gregory Lyon condemned the man’s actions as “the stuff of nightmares for all children’s parents” Hooper lived 350 metres from the school and told police he’d wanted to do this “for a little while.” He also said he’d wanted to play with the child’s vagina and picked a little girl because he “couldn’t get a big one”……“The community must be grateful for the vigilance and tenacity of the witness who saw you and confronted you,” Judge Lyon said.

We at FACAA applaud this brave community member who witnessed what happened and intervened. Well done !

Hooper was angry about what happened to him after being caught with the girl, according to psychological reports. He also appeared to see nothing amiss with stealing the child but went on to begrudgingly admit his actions were wrong. Hooper uses a mobility scooter because of an acquired brain injury following two earlier strokes: The fact is this is a stereotypical child abuser, they see nothing what so ever wrong with what they have done. They do not think about the pain of their victims but only their own inconvenience at being caught and detained.
He pleaded guilty to abducting a child under the age of 16 for sexual purposes and sexually assaulting a child under the age of 16: He must serve at least four years’ jail before becoming eligible for release on parole and has already spent 227 days in custody.

Judge Lyons was scathing in his attack on Hooper-

“You were prepared to, and did, prey upon her (the victim) for your own sexual desires, your answers indicate a level of planning, forethought, determination and calculation”
“To state that you had been thinking about it for a while, and that you determined upon taking a little girl because you could not get a big one is just plain chilling, your frankness to Dr Sowden just adds to this”
“ You told Dr Sowden that you intended to take the child home to your place in order to play with her; that is to take off her pants and play with her vagina. You have never thought about whether the child was scared or the impact that your actions could have on her”
“You said you just wanted her for an hour and that you did nothing wrong” “but you knew it was wrong to touch a little girl.”
Well said Judge Lyons!
Sadly 4 years is a pretty typical sentence for this type of offending, considering he did not actually succeed in his mission. ……….Whether he succeeded or not should be irrelevant, it wasn’t like he had an epiphany and changed his mind. It was only because of the actions of a very brave and astute parent, who witnessed …………Hoopers actions whilst picking up her own child, that we are able to say he failed in his attempt to steal a child and take them home to sexually abuse.

Dr Sowden also stated that Hoopers risk of recidivism is in the high risk category and he should not be released to “roam free” but instead should be in a lock down residential facility: She also stated that Hooper appeared to have “pro-sexual abuse attitudes towards children in that he appeared to see nothing amiss with stealing a child and had no insight into the adverse impact on the child or child’s family”. He had a lack of empathy towards her and a narcissistic personality structure.

“Mr Hooper’s stated commitment to never doing these actions again appears to be fuelled more by self interest in terms of not wanting to be incarcerated and losing his lifestyle rather than by any concern for his victim or her family. He is considered to have a high risk of re-offending”.

There you have it directly from the court psychiatric report:

He sees nothing wrong with what he did,

He has a high risk of re-offending,

He has no concern for his victim or her family.

He should not be allowed to roam free again !

So……. We believe he should be kept locked up, where he belongs !

Hooper may be serving a minimum of 4 years, maximum of 6 years behind bars, but as far as we at FACAA are concerned he should never be allowed near children again: From the court report it is obvious he is a clear and present danger to young girl’s and this story could have ended very differently were it not for the actions of a very quick thinking parent…………….Thank God she followed her gut instincts and intervened. You are a hero, you saved a young girl from further trauma… thank you.

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