(SAN DIEGO, Calif.) CBP BORSTAR UNIT REPORT: Otay Mountain patrols increased to deter ‘ illegal migr ants ‘ attempting to enter the U.S. by paying ‘ Transnational Criminal Organisations ‘ huge amounts of money and between Oct. 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, SDC has apprehended 35,464 peopl e attempting to enter the U.S. illegally and assisted with 37 rescues #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.25: Transnational criminal organisations are notorious for putting migrants in dangerous situations for monetary gain. Smugglers working for these organisations often use the remote Otay Mountain Wilderness to avoid being apprehended: To help curtail such activity, San Diego Sector is having more agents patrol the area to quickly render aid to those in need and to further deter criminal organisations from using this route,” said San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron M. Heitke: Ramp upIn an effort to save lives, the Border Patrol’s
San Diego Sector has ramped up patrols in the
Otay Mountain Wilderness.

The Border Patrol’s Border Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) Unit also will be on standby as summer temperatures reach hazardous levels: As agents and others respond to 911 calls for severe dehydration, heat stroke, or heat exhaustion, BORSTAR offers additional medical and rescue capabilities in dangerous or unapproachable areas.

San Diego County has a unique environment that includes snowy mountains in the winter and hot deserts in the summer: Those not familiar with the area and traveling on foot can be caught off-guard and succumb to the intense elements: Rattlesnake sightings have also been on the rise and an illegal migrant nearly lost her life recently after being bit.

Chief Heitke continued: “I urge people who are considering an illegal entry into the U.S. to think about the consequences and to reconsider putting your life or that of a family member in danger.”

Chief Heitke indicated, “Our goal is to prevent tragedy: By increasing public awareness, stepping up patrols, and alerting potential migrants to the serious dangers of illegal border crossings, we hope to save lives: Whether it be through the desert, the mountains, at sea, or in hidden compartments, do not allow you or your loved ones to be placed in perilous situations by smugglers: They only care about money, not your safety.”

Although securing the border is San Diego Sector’s main objective, providing education to the public to prevent the loss of life or injuries is vital for the organisation: Heat related illnesses and deaths are usually preventable: Consume sufficient water regularly, regardless of thirst: Cool down in shady areas and limit physical activity. Wear a hat and lightweight, loose-fitting, light colored clothing: Learn the signs of heat illness and what to do in an emergency: Caution others about the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and its prevention: Remember to call 911 in the case of an emergency and do not wait until it is too late: The sooner emergency services are contacted, the better the odds are that you will survive.

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: July.25: 2020:

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