(BORSHCHIV, Ukraine.) Ministry of Culture & Parliament: The roadside cafe is called Borscht, advertised with a gigantic beetroot red sign, leaving little doubt what people around here like to eat in a town named Bors hchiv in meaning ‘ borscht ‘ now an application to UNESCO to make it an intangible part of t heir cultural heritage

#AceNewReport – Nov.04: “The fields are planted with beets. The town is named Borshchiv, which means “belonging to borscht.” It is just one of a dozen cities and villages in Ukraine named for borscht.” “A lot of things were taken away from Ukraine, but they will not take our borscht,” said a chef who is leading a drive to recognize the soup as a Ukrainian cultural heritage:

A lot of things were taken away from Ukraine, but they will not take our ‘ Borscht ‘ its not Russian as drive by a chef supported by Ministry of Culture & Parliament to recognise the soup as a Ukrainian dish …..

Olha Habro, 76, preparing borscht in Borshchiv, Ukraine.”Oksana Parafeniuk for The New York Times” https://ift.tt/2HZA7Af

Given this clear commitment to borscht, Ukrainians wonder why the soup is commonly assumed to be Russian, a national dish of their arch enemy: Now a Ukrainian chef supported by the Ministry of Culture and Parliament is trying to set the record straight with an application to the United Nation’s cultural body, UNESCO, to list borscht as an intangible part of Ukraine’s cultural heritage:

#AceNewsDesk report ………….Published: Nov.04: 2020:

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