(TEL AVIV, Israel.) #Coronavirus Report – Health Authority has just signed a $237-million contract an upfront payment with Pfizer for 8-million doses of #Covid19 vaccine an upfront payment could be agreed next week even though no guarantee of supply according to YNet #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Nov.15: Israel has signed a formal agreement of intent with US pharma giant Pfizer for some eight million doses of its coronavirus vaccine candidate – if and when it is approved and the company starts supplying it to foreign customers: Pfizer could receive a front payment of over $35 million as early as next week, even though the agreement does not include any commitment to actually supply the vaccine, Ynet reports. The remaining $200+ million will be paid once some 8 million jabs are shipped, but if the increased demand in the US or other ‘circumstances’ prevent Pfizer from fulfilling the order, Tel Aviv expects a refund:

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the Israeli Health Ministry, Pfizer and its CEO Albert Bourla personally for his relentless work to seal the deal, marking a “great day for the State of Israel and a great day on the way to our victory over the coronavirus.”

Our national mission is to enable a vaccine for every person in Israel, whoever wants one – without exception.

Netanyahu added that he was in talks with other countries and world leaders too, “to ensure that we will receive the vaccine together with the leading countries around the world and that we will not get pushed back in line.”

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In the meantime, he urged Israelis to show some patience and obey the government’s anti-Covid directives and rules, acknowledging that “months will pass until the vaccines arrive, assuming that they will be approved.”

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